HDF’s livestock is fed a grass-based diet with as much free ranging pasture time as climate and soil type allow.  Our meat animals are never fed prophylactic antibiotics or hormones.  Our chickens range over natural ground, returning to their coop to roost at night.


Although we are not certified organic, all of our produce is grown using organic techniques:  a reworking and overall improvement of the soil several feet below the ground, combined with raised boxes to encourage maximum production from minimal space.  Absolutely no chemical pesticides or herbicides of any kind are used; the soil is amended with manures from the farm’s livestock, as well as kelp and several natural minerals. 


We welcome you to come check out our farming techniques for yourself...and enjoy the fruits of our labour.


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Horse Drawn Farms



Horse Drawn Farms is a small working farm located in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.  Our focus is sustainable agriculture: growing fresh, seasonal, local food in a manner that enhances the surrounding ecosystems.  We produce vegetables, meat animals, eggs, and honey.  We also keep a herd of registered dairy goats. We are gladly noticing that consumers are more and more interested about where their food comes from and how it is produced. 

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